At FuturePearStudios, we create games that entertain. is an platformer player-vs-player game, featuring 20+ weapons to play with and many different biomes to fight in! Our most popular game yet, you can join clans to fight against others, you can decorate yourself with a variety of skins, or you could explore different parts of the map! No matter how you approach the game, we can guarentee you would have fun playing! Take a look at our pear preview of the game on the right! is a player-vs-player game, in which you gather materials by breaking trees or mining ores and build forts to gain an adantage over your oppoenent! With many different weapons and many different materials available, you are certain to discover what works best for you and use these skills to dominate to the top of the leaderboards! Take a look at our pear preview of the game on the left!

FuturePearStudios is a webgame based studio located in the United States, being operated by 2 main developers. We have three available games as for the moment, but FuturePearStudios started out solely on our most popular game,, in which we realized that games like these have much potential when it came to gaining popularity and forming communities. We always considered the players as our top priority, basing all game updates and changes based off their feedback. We also don't take shortcuts: everything ever made by FuturePearStudios were created by us (including this website itself)! We will never try to upsell our audiences through sketchy partnerships, forced ads, cookies that track you, or anything else; we follow the motto: "for the players, by the players". If we are not programming games, you could see us either playing these games or talking to one of our three communities in the meanwhile. With that being said, we sincerely hope you like our games here at FuturePearStudios.


Hello, I am Future, a junior in high school. I have two years of experience with full-stack development and know a bit of C++. When I am not programming, I'll be playing the piano or hanging out with my pet birds.


Hello, I am Neil Purohit, otherwise known as NeilP06. I am currently a junior in high school who has been programming for over six years. I am mainly a Java-based programmer, but I also have decent knowledge in Javascript, Python, and HTML/CSS. If I am not programming in my freetime, you could either see me playing soccer or writing sports articles on my editorial, TheSidelineStat!